Make a difference in the life of a child and teacher

Tech Writers Without Borders is excited to announce our first non-profit project!

We will undertake to revise and improve teacher training materials for iNERDE, a US-based 501(c)(3) organisation that provides a  STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) summer camp program in Mali and Senegal for schoolchildren aged 9-12.

We are establishing our first team of volunteers to work on this exciting project. You will have the opportunity to contribute your professional skills and experience to this worthwhile cause. In return, you will gain experience working in an agile team environment and receive training on various tools and technical communication techniques that will make great additions to your resumé.

As a busy professional, we understand that you have multiple competing commitments on your time and that the number of hours you are able to volunteer each week may change according to your availability. We value any contribution that you are able to make but ask that you only apply to this project if you can dedicate at least 5 hours per week over a period of approximately 6 weeks.

The Client

iNERDE (New Education for Radical Development) is the product of many years of longing for ways to innovate education in Africa. Growing up and powerlessly witnessing the neglect of science education, one of the most important pillars of development in any nation, a group of young people from around Africa and from around the world decided to create and develop iNERDE to give African youth the opportunity to discover their potential in STEM fields and every field in the modern world that requires high technical literacy.

Project Description

Our goal is to create online training and support materials that will assist iNERDE summer camp teachers and empowerment agents in delivering an effective learning experience to their students. For the purpose of this project, we will work on a first lesson module that deals with the process of problem solving. The current material consists of a video and lesson plan that explains to the teacher how to teach the class.

We will revise the existing lesson plan and develop any additional materials needed to provide the teacher with the knowledge and instructions required to deliver the class effectively to their students. The lesson also consists of a student activity. We will develop materials to assist the teacher in guiding students through this activity. The lesson will be created using appropriate authoring and video tools, plus any additional tools and components decided by the project team. These elements will be delivered via an online learning platform.

Team Members

We are seeking 3-5 volunteers for this first project.

  • We require 2 writers/editors
  • We may add video producer or teacher expert to the team


  • Trello for project planning
  • Microsoft Word or another authoring tool for simple PDF creation.
  • Possible video editing tool for creating videos for teachers.
  • Open Learning Web platform for course delivery.

Estimated Project Duration

2-3 months

Time Commitment

4-5 hours per week per team member


We ask that applicants meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • Ability to write fluently and/or edit in French
  • Experience with document design and formatting
  • Experience with simple video creation and editing
  • Ability to quickly learn to create and upload various learning materials in an online open learning format
  • Teaching experience at an elementary level

To apply to participate in this project, please complete our Volunteer Profile form: TWWB Volunteer Profile