RobotsMali Big Summer STEM Quiz Project

RobotsMali is partnering with Tech Writers Without Borders to create and collect educational quizzes on science and technology topics for young students in French-speaking African developing countries. As the traditional RobotsMali summer camp had to be canceled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these quizzes will be used to keep children interested in science and allow them to continue learning from home until face-to-face classes can resume.

We are looking for volunteer writers to research and create quiz questions in French (preferred) or English.

Our goal is to enable students to learn, to feel more engaged in Science, Technology, Engineering and  Mathematics (STEM) subjects, to have fun and be inspired to do things in the future that will help their country. Questions relating to development challenges in Africa or on scientific or technical topics that apply to these problems are thus strongly encouraged.

How to contribute?

1. Download the quiz template

Follow this link and download the quiz template using the File > Download menu.

2. Edit your quiz

Edit your quiz using a word processor such as Microsoft Word, or Google Docs. Each quiz should have 10 questions on the same theme. 

Select a theme from the list of options indicated in the template and a target age range. Topics include Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Communication, Electronics, Hygiene and Health, Engineering, Mathematics, Programming, and more.

Detailed instructions and guidance are provided in the quiz template.

3. Submit your quiz

Once you have finished creating your quiz, send it to us:


Project Summary

  • Project Name: RobotsMali Big Summer STEM Quiz Project
  • Beneficiary: RobotsMali 
  • Objective: Develop and publish an online quiz series to keep school children in Sub-saharan Africa engaged in learning science and technology during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.
  • Suitable for: Technical communication professionals and educators
  • Project type: Unpaid virtual volunteer project
  • Location: Virtual / Work from home
  • Project Duration: July-December 2020
  • Time commitment: 2-3 hours per quiz
  • Number of volunteers: Unlimited