Technical Writers Help Fight COVID-19

Between April 2020 and April 2021, Tech Writers Without Borders partnered with Irish technical communication agency TWi to recruit volunteers to help nonprofit organisations on COVID-19 projects and use their professional skills to help save lives during the global pandemic.

These COVID-19 projects included:

  • Medical device development, approval and instructions for use
  • Funding proposals
  • Public Service information
  • Assembly instructions

To learn more about this project and how TWWB volunteers were able to make a difference, check out the following article on the TWi blog: Volunteer Technical Writers Fight COVID-19 Writing Documentation for Medical Devices 

Project Summary

  • Project Name: COVID-19 Volunteer From Home Project
  • Beneficiary: Multiple beneficiaries
  • Objective: Help nonprofit initiatives with COVID-19 related projects
  • Suitable for: Technical communication professionals
  • Project type: Unpaid virtual volunteer project
  • Location: Virtual / Work from home
  • Project Duration: April 2020-April 2021
  • Time commitment: hours-days
  • Number of volunteers: Unlimited

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